• Gender Equality

    by Dusan Milojevich 8 Lessons

    32 learners taking this course

    Ahead of you is a compilation of texts taken out from various sources, authors and organizations which are dealing with the topic of gender equality and related issues. For each chapter there are the references clearly stated where the texts were taken from, which allows to the reader to explore further into the specific chapters […]

  • Social Inclusion

    by Teacher 1 13 Lessons

    34 learners taking this course

    This online course outlines social inclusion of young people at risk of marginalization as one of the goals of youth work and IVS organisations. It’s made up of some theoretical notions, but also contains short videos and exercises that make the learning process more interactive and help the reader to broaden the knowledge on individual […]

  • Teamwork and cooperation in international teams of trainers

    by JelenaRB 14 Lessons

    39 learners taking this course

    This online course will give new trainers in non-formal education an introduction into what you need to know in terms of group dynamics, teamwork and synergy, do-s and don’t-s in an international group of trainers. Specifically to the Alliance, it describes an international team of trainers of Alliance and the network’s Training and Educational Policy.

  • Volunteering, Workcamps and Sustainability

    by Teacher 1 14 Lessons in

    51 learners taking this course

    This online course will give you a short introduction into what sustainability and sustainable development means, how it relates to the actions that all Alliance associations do and what instruments, i.e. policies, campaigns and actions regarding sustainability the Alliance network uses. Last but not least, we want to give you ideas as to how you […]

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  • The Alliance and the IVS movement

    by Teacher 1 5 Lessons in

    80 learners taking this course

    The goal of this course is to introduce the Alliance to all interested individuals, its main documents and policies, values and principles, its understanding of volunteering and IVS through the past three decades, and, especially, to introduce the main tool all Alliance members use in achieving their common goals – workcamps.